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About Pan Ge

Hello, I'm Pan Ge.

Through various coaching and art programs, I help visionary leaders to unleash their psychological power in order to achieve lives of dream.

My clients are usually passionate entrepreneurs, gifted creatives and visionary leaders, who have passionate hunger to grow, bold courage to take massive action and huge hearts to hold a vision larger than themselves. By working with me, my clients  have achieved beyond their wildest dreams in their relationships, personal growth and contributions to humanity.

About Me:

Working on my craft of human transformation is my obsession. 

In order to deliver my clients the best results possible, I personally trained with some of the best life and business coaches, psychologists and spiritual teachers in the world --  Certified Strategic Intervention Coaching from Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, Certified Clinical Hypnosis from The Milton Erickson Foundation and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) Master Practitioner from The NLP Center of New York, among many others. In addition to my intensive trainings, I have also been working as a training assistant in The NLP Center of New York and serve people from all 6 continents. 

As a major contributor for The New York Times Chinese, I have interviewed some of the most creative and successful people in the world, which gives me insight to coach my clients to perform at extraordinary levels.

About You:

You are a visionary leader, who have hunger to grow-- that's where this game starts. 

You take actions, even when fear is overwhelming.

You want to contribute beyond yourself, while doing what necessary to take care yourself.

At the end of the day, you know that all that matters is love, because that's who you really are.


Finally, you decide to live this life to the fullest, because that's the reason why you are here.

If this is you, I can help. 


 Master My Psychology

Nurture My Dream

Manage My Emotions


 Build My Relationships


 Grow My Business & Career


Increase My Influence & Leadership


 Nurture My Dreams

What People Say

Ted Kane, Founder/Business Owner at Kane A|U Architecture and Urban Design, New York

“Pan is unique and fearless in her approach and I have great respect for her straight forward ways of approaching coaching which get right to the heart of your assumptions and established patterns of thinking. I starting working with Pan and through 9 sessions with an goal to better understanding my emotions in order to be more affective in my business and relationships. 

One of things I was looking for help with from Pan was a difficulty with expressing my feelings or opinions to others because of a fear of hurting them or being misunderstood. Pan made me realize that I can be both honest in my opinions and empathetic and that others would appreciate my genuine feedback. I have followed this advice and been more open to my employees and clients about what my feelings are, and I have found although it can be awkward at first that I became more comfortable which resulted in stronger relationship with clients and friends. ”

Victoria Alberto, Managing Director at Newcastle Financial, New Jersey

"Pan is an quick learner with unique perspectives on many complex issues involving both business and personal life. She is fearless when facing tough situations and is very resourceful in coming up creative solutions.  She is compassionate and always ready to help those in need.    

Pan is very well trained in her coaching techniques including NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksionian Hypnosis and Vipassana meditation. Her toolbox is full of gemstones allowing her to create individualized solution to her clients."

Mila K, Finance Professional, New York 

“With her sharp mind and compassionate open heart, Pan is able to find solutions to the most complex issues ranging from relationships, career, emotional intelligence and stress management. She is experienced in helping clients to transform their lives and infuse them with playfulness and meaning. 

She embodies the guidance that she gives to her clients and lives the life of kindness, compassion and virtue. Pan uses varieties of techniques in her coaching practice that includes NLP, Ericksionian Hypnosis and Vipassana meditation.”

Sybil Wang, Senior Design Manager at Yongsen Group, Shanghai, China

"Pan's genius is to get to the deep-rooted cause of a problem quickly when you feel like in turmoil, and to provide a simple effective way to resolve it. 

When I found Pan, I was experiencing a tough change in my life, Insomnia, anxiety and fear hijacked me. I was crying all day long and could not fall asleep even with sleeping pills. I was desperate to find a way out. The result was far beyond what I could expect-- only after several sessions, I felt much better, started to understand my emotional patterns and then we developed a system to manage them efficiently. I was out of that turmoil so quick, that I could focus on obtaining my professional license with a higher level of concentration.

During this challenging time, I am very glad that I found Pan. She provided me tremendous support and encouragement along the way, helped me to have a in-depth understand of myself, then guided me to build a clear and compelling future of my personal and professional life. I'm excited to explore more, because I see hope and great possibilities there.

She is very talented on doing this and I love her very very much."

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